Awards & Recognition


Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas – Savannah Machinery Works
Design + Build ($11.4 Million)

Wendell Martin, Operations Vice President with Batson-Cook Company, writes, “I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Excel Electrical Technologies, an extremely well qualified design-build electrical contractor that would be a valuable asset to any project…Excel’s expertise and ability to solve complicated design and construction problems enabled these multiple projects to run smoothly for all those involved. Their unwavering sense of ownership and attention to detail, along with their honest and forthright communication, made for a successful project experience.”

Eastside Medical Center
Bed Tower Expansion and Renovation ($4.2 Million)

“J.E. Dunn Construction Company would like to recognize the excellent work performed by Excel Electric on the Eastside Medical Center project in Snellville, Georgia. Excel Electric was contracted for the electrical / fire alarm package at Eastside’s Bed Tower Expansion. Your team’s dedication and commitment to deliver a first rate product on time, under an aggressive schedule, and within budget was demonstrated on a daily basis. Excel played a vital role in the success of this extremely complicated and heavily intrusive project at this active healthcare facility.”

Hemphill Water Treatment Plant Switchgear Replacement
Excel was the Prime Contractor ($4.7 Million)

“It is with pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation for Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc. (Excel) based upon their performance as the Prime Contractor on the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management’s project known as Hemphill Water Treatment Plant Switchgear Replacement, FC-4945.

This was a very complex project. Hemphill Water Treatment Plant is the largest water treatment plant in Atlanta. It has been in operation for over 100 years and has undergone numerous additions and renovations. Replacing the electrical services to all of the various buildings on this existing water treatment plant, while keeping the plant in operation 24/7, has presented many challenges. Excel submitted Work Plans for each tie-in / change-over at least 30 days in advance for the City’s review and approval. Confirmation was provided via Go – No/Go Meetings scheduled a day in advance of the proposed tie-in / change over. Contingency plans were always in place while their work was being performed. Excel has overcome every challenge presented on this project and we have been very pleased with their performance during the tie-ins / change-overs.

Excel’s existing utility location surveys consistently identified every potential obstacle. With each obstacle, Excel offered innovative and practical solutions such as relocating manholes and handholes, re-routing duct banks, and even installing duct banks above ground. When the situation dictated it, their seasoned team of professional found viable solutions to accomplish our goal while maintaining the project schedule.

We experienced a high degree of quality in every aspect of Excel’s performance on this project. Their workmanship has been impeccable. Safety is the highest priority for Excel. Excel has embraced partnering and exemplified customer service on the project. Quality and attention to detail has been evident in their paperwork, from applications for progress payments to submittals and proposals. Excel consistently displayed a true spirit of cooperation, integrity, and professionalism in our dealings with them as the Prime Contractor for this project.

Based on their performance on this project, we recommend Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc. without any reservation, as a prime contractor on any large, difficult electrical project such as the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant Switchgear Replacement project.”

Jeffrey D. Acton – Deputy Program Management Officer
City of Atlanta Construction Management Group

John A. Walker Memorial Pumping Station
Required Extensive Re-design ($3.5 Million)

“With a few large electrical changes in the early stages of the project, Excel’s involvement in assisting the engineer with re-design due to the changes, as well as expediting material and equipment procurement, was critical in keeping the project on schedule, as well as keeping up the project team’s morale. Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc. employed a dedicated, highly skilled and hard working team to handle the electrical work for the complex equipment that is associated with the pumping station. Throughout each phase of the project, Excel Electrical Technologies complied with the strict project schedule set forth by Skanska and provided a quality of work that met or exceeded the owner’s expectations. Through daily coordination efforts, the project team was able to perform the check-out and start-up of the facility with minimal delays due in part to the daily coordination efforts performed by the staff of Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc.” – Steve Davis, Project Manager – Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc.

Nicolas B. Cooper, P.E., Vice President of AECOM Water writes: “With several owner requested changes introduced during the construction phase, including a major change to the control strategy of the equipment, Excel was able to seamlessly transition on the fly without major schedule disruption.”

Johns Creek Environmental Campus
Design Assist + Build ($10.2 Million)

In his August 6, 2009 letter, Kelly Comstock, P.E., BCEE of Brown and Caldwell writes:

“It is with the greatest pleasure that I provide this letter of recommendation for Excel Electrical Technologies for their work on the Fulton County Johns Creek Environmental Campus (JCEC) Project. This $136 million design-build project will set the standard for a new class of wastewater treatment facility. It is receiving significant local, national, and international attention and is a world-class state of the art facility that will serve the residents of Fulton County, GA.

As a key member of the design-build team, Excel Electrical Technologies has played an integral and important role in the project’s success. They played a significant role in the design process by providing continuous input on the constructability and optimization of the electrical system design long before construction initiated. The size and complex configuration of the JCEC facility required innovative concepts in design and construction, and Excel provided invaluable input. During the construction phase they completed work on schedule to support all other building trades, and during the start-up phase they assisted in equipment start-up and operational check-out. The project had an aggressive schedule of 40 months for design, construction, start-up and four months of operation. The project has been completed and is coming online on schedule, in great part to the high quality work performed by Excel Electrical Technologies.

Brown and Caldwell highly recommend Excel Electrical Technologies for consideration in receiving the 2009 IEC Award of Excellence in Electrical Construction for their work on the Johns Creek Environmental Campus Project.”

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park
Completed in 6-months ($3.1 Million)

Regarding Excel’s performance on the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Mr. Patrick Leahy with 409 Management & Consulting, LLC (Owner’s consultant) writes: “Understanding the use of the venue and services is paramount to delivering a successful project and Excel took the time, and engaged the venue management in discussion, to learn what was required for the operation in order to ensure services that met the needs. In addition to the pre-planning efforts, the typical need to be able to modify plans in the field when design does not meet construction reality is important and the Excel team in the field and the Excel management support team worked seamlessly together enabling efficient and effective solutions during the construction phase of the project.

Not only did Excel deliver quality products, expert workmanship and maintained their progress on a very tight schedule, they did so with exceptional and dedicated staff that completed their scope of work in a very tight schedule with continual owner additions during the project construction. Given the opportunity to utilize Excel on future projects, Excel is at the top of our firm’s preferred vendor list.”

Mr. David Chandler with Newcomb and Boyd said regarding Excel on the same project: “You were accessible and easy to work with throughout the project. You helped find solutions where modifications were required due to site conditions, were forthright with evaluations of solutions and team oriented.”

Mr. Peter Sussman, AIA with KKE Architects, Inc. put it this way: “We appreciate your clear commitment to the quality of work and to the successful opening of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park.”


National IEC / CNA Safety Award – 2011, 2010
Platinum Level S.T.E.P. Award from ABC – 2010, 2009
Gold Level S.T.E.P. Award from ABC – 2012, 2011, 2008
Silver Level S.T.E.P. Award from ABC – 2013
National Safety Merit Award from ABC – 2009