Working Here

Excel’s goal is to be a company like no other. The Company doesn’t desire to be the largest; rather it desires to be clearly recognized as the best. Licensed in six states, Excel Electrical Technologies, Inc. offers unmatched quality and professionalism in many diverse market segments.

Understanding the value and importance of its team members, Excel is dedicated to enhancing the safety, opportunity and quality of work life of employees. At Excel employees are appreciated, acknowledged and rewarded for their long term loyalty.


I had hoped it wasn’t too late to change careers and apparently the management group at Excel Electrical Technologies didn’t believe so. With their sponsorship I was able to work with some of the most talented people in the trade while gaining experience on the job and completing electrical training through the IEC. Thanks to Excel, I now have a new career and a future I’m proud of.
Cecil – joined Excel in 2008
There is always someone to help, whatever the need. Dena, if any benefits issues; the project managers guiding the job; Estimating, understanding the scope; Mike with production, knowledge and commitment to excellence; Debbie helping with administration; and the production assistants getting material and information…all working together as team, almost like a family, to help each other.
Alex – joined Excel in 1996
I take comfort in the fact that Excel thinks enough of its employees to keep work available for us. I like the diverse experience I have gained on the different types of work we do. We are provided with an excellent safety program and good benefits.
Lenard, joined Excel in 1994
I enjoy the people I work with. Everyone has a good work ethic and strives to the same goal – to make the jobs come in on schedule and make the company profitable. I appreciate the education provided by Excel through the IEC. It has helped further my knowledge of the electrical work we do.
Jonathan, joined Excel in 2008
As an employee of Excel Electrical Technologies, I can truly say I am very grateful to work for such a great company. Excel has taught me the true meaning of working safely and has also given me the skills that I need to become a good electrician. The past five years have been a learning experience. I have completed my electrical journeyman certification, various safety training and OSHA certifications, and I have become an equipment operator…Not only has Excel given me the skills that I need to be a successful electrician, but they continue to provide the tools for me to work to my best potential. I am very grateful for all of the superintendents at Excel who have always been very professional, helpful and great teachers of the trade.
Jovan, joined Excel in 2008