Excel’s experience has been that a truly collaborative approach with committed and qualified team members will result in a shortened project duration, better budget control, enhanced communications, and delivery of a higher quality project for our clients. Excel’s early participation has proved to be the best alternative for achieving project goals reducing the time typically required when the approach is design, budget, value engineer, redesign, and re-budget. However, Excel can step in at any stage with creative solutions.


On the John A. Walker Memorial Pumping Station, a competitively bid project where there were numerous design issues, Excel’s client writes: “With a few large electrical changes in the early stages of the project, Excel’s involvement in assisting the engineer with re-design due to the changes, as well as expediting material and equipment procurement, was critical in keeping the project on schedule, as well as keeping up the project team’s morale.”


On the Cobb County Adult Detention Center, Excel joined the project team after design development drawings were substantially complete and budget problems were evident. Excel was brought on board to assist in managing the design, keeping budget restraints in mind. Colonel Donald Bartlett, Cobb County Sheriff’s Office, comments: “Not only was the work you provided of the highest quality but your active participation in helping us work through design and implementation issues were instrumental in bringing the project in within budget.”


When permitted to have early participation, intense collaboration, and focus on the project the greatest benefits are achieved. The Mitsubishi Power Systems (MPSA) project is an example where Excel was responsible for both the design and the construction. The Prime Contractor’s Project Manager writes: “From the beginning it was clear Excel had both the initiative and expertise to pull together an aggressive design & construction schedule. Excel provided superior service in cost & constructability of the electrical aspect of this project. The size and complexity of the MPSA facility, along with continuous design changes required innovative concepts in design and construction, and Excel exceeded the expectations for both. The first phase of the project has been completed and the owner is happy with both service and end product.”